What was the point?

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Faith in the atoning value of the death and resurrection of Jesus is held by Christians as the only way to salvation. Jesus, however, stressed the importance of following His teachings, and attached little significance to His own death.

Jesus was born an infant and matured to adulthood - He wasn't immune from the process of ageing and it's inevitable end. His death was assured by His birth. If omniscient God knew of His own plan to resurrect Himself in three days - where was the sacrifice?

It is an error to assert the mortality of God: If the Eternal Being could die, He is not God.

Another misconception is in asserting that Jesus was God - a claim He specifically denied. Though He said "Before Abraham was, I AM," Jesus taught that He was God's messenger, and He simply delivered a message from God claiming to be God.

Yet another fallacy is the premise that Jesus was physically resurrected from the dead and ascended into heaven. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us.

There was no point to the premature death of Jesus - it was an unnecessary tragedy. His sacrifice was made each day as He lived to bring us the words of God - words which are eternal life.

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