Your article "Christianity making inroads among Muslims" was surprising. The thought that proselytizers for an ancient religion would have the gall to foist their superstitions on Muslims is as credible as imagining a group of 6th grade children organizing a truant posse to return high school students to primary school. What would these WASPs think if Hebrews started ringing their door bells preaching of the superiority of Moses?

These fevered Yankees unabashedly circumvent laws prohibiting their missionary activities by beaming proscribed propaganda into Islamic countries by satellite. Such activity brings to mind the definition of the word "criminal". The article notes that the American based Christar mission group trains workers to mingle with Muslims in NY and NJ; this sounds an awful lot like subterfuge and infiltration.

We are informed that there are now hundreds, if not thousands of Muslim converts to Christianity. This is indeed impressive - given that Islam has existed for only 1400 years. Apparently, this advancement is achieved by disguising Christian theology and social practice: missionaries now pass off the three Christian gods as Allah ("the One God") and segregate women in church. Clever! What's next? Printing and binding the Holy Qur'an with black Bible jackets?

John Roncalio

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