The Lamb of Gold

Many erroneous teachings have entered into Christianity, obscured the pure Gospel and caused disunity and schism. Jesus spoke of the time when – early in Church history – His Gospel was replaced with a Gospel about Him, and Christianity became a cult: The people who brought us the Crusades, Inquisition, Dark Ages, Conquistadores, witch hunts, virulent racism, World Wars, and Holocaust are the legions of the Jesus Cult.

The Prophet Jesus said He was the Messenger of the Word of God - not God incarnate. Jesus taught that there is only One God, and that man gains eternal life by following the teachings that God revealed through Him. Jesus taught that we are all children of God - our spirit having been created in God's image.

On the contrary, the Jesus Cult proposes an incredible doctrine premised on the crime of Adam, the evil nature of man, and salvation by belief and confession of dogma. In this slacker's faith we need do no good works; in fact, the founder of this cult wrote that "a man is not justified by the works of the law, but through faith in Jesus Christ." This preaching of the cross considers the words of Jesus as irrelevant; The cult founder (Saul) only quotes the sayings of Jesus once – as though the less Jesus said, the better.

Jesus Cult followers celebrate the anniversary of Jesus' martyrdom as "Good Friday:" What was good about the dark day when the Word of God was silenced? The golden lamb they have fashioned and invite us to worship is better than the lottery, because winning tickets for eternal salvation are freely distributed to the credulous; All that is required is that we ignore the words of Jesus, bow down before the golden lamb, and utter an ironic creed summarized as: God is three; man is evil; belief is salvation.

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