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In the Spring of 2003 the local paper published an astonishing article entitled Christianity making inroads among Muslims. Though I am not a Muslim, I was overwhelmed by the arrogance, hypocrisy, and incivility of the evangelical Christians reported in this piece. Surprisingly, these people are unaware of how their activities are seen by others or - if they do understand - they disdain such perspective. I felt that the article required some response and composed a short letter to the editor.


It was around this time that missionary season picked up in our city, and I was visited in earnest by various Christian evangelists. One group, accepting in my home the hospitality that it was my pleasure to provide, felt it was appropriate to sneer at my religion, notify me that the one true God Who we believe fashioned the universe and created man's spirit in His image is false, advise me that I am going to hell, etc. Their "expert" on my Faith couldn't get his facts straight other than correctly understanding that we believe man has an eternal soul that survives death - a principle which his denomination denies.

After the aforementioned encounters I wanted to get a bigger picture of how Christians viewed the Bahá'í Faith, and consequently visited a number of Christian web sites. On many of these sites I found boundless intellectual dishonesty and cavilling at the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh. There being no opportunity in this context to write a letter to the editor, I determined to create a site where I might analyze their motives and gradually address their calumnies.

Some of my fellow believers advised that it is best to ignore such affronts, or concentrate only on the important areas of agreement with Christians. They say that it is not our way to be contentious, and I agree. However, there is much that can be gained from honestly challenging belief systems - whether they be scientific theory, social practice, or religious creed. Ultimately, if one's religion makes us better persons and contributes to the well-being of mankind, good has been advanced. I beg your forgiveness if my point of view is expressed with some lack of tact (or even with satire) and offends you. There are, for example, very good reasons why I use the term "cult" to describe many orthodox Christian beliefs. Any satire is probably inexcusable.

We have the greatest respect and love for Jesus, Whom we accept as a Manifestation of the one true God. In the analysis of why professed followers of Jesus might so depart from His teachings as to cavil against God, a surprising insight came to me: they aren't His followers; they believe in a religion about Him - not in the religion He taught and believed in. They assert of Him stations which He explicitly denied or never claimed. They blaspheme against the Holy Spirit that proceeds from the Faith of God in this glorious age. They have abandoned the worship of God taught by Jesus and worship instead idle fancies and vain imaginations about Jesus, fashioning a cult - The Jesus Cult.

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