Faith in the Third Millennium

4. Conclusion

The children of the technological era will find little of relevance in Paul's "preaching of the cross." They will thirst for the pure and rational teachings of Jesus to gain knowledge of God for the mastery of self. Not satisfied to simply confess an ancient creed, they will find fulfilment only by being more perfect (19) and constructive world citizens. They will regard the gospel about Jesus as a form of religion, but the words and teachings of Jesus as eternal life,(20) and practice of His teachings as the essence of faith.

If we but find the wisdom we can indeed reconcile our essential belief in God with reason and Christ's teachings. Our children's children can have a clearly monotheistic faith conforming to science and shorn of unintelligible dogmas. They can be members of a spiritually motivated community dedicated to the service of all mankind. The real meaning of references to miracles, resurrection, heaven and hell, and the return of Christ can be brought to light.

Christianity will survive the coming millennium as a living and guiding force for the advancement of civilization if we offer this teaching to the world: that the One God has manifested His Holy Spirit in a perfect Man - the Prophet Jesus - Who brought divine teachings for our spiritual salvation from a materialistic end. This is the teaching of the Gospels, and of St. Peter - Prince of Apostles.

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