See no evil

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At racing school they teach that "your vehicle goes where you look, so look where you want to go - not where you are afraid you may go."

The gaze of Christians is fixated on evil. It is no wonder that these same people brought us to the Crusades, Inquisition, Dark Ages, Witch hunts, two world wars, Holocaust, etcetera.

Darkness is simply the absence of light, and vice the shadow of virtue. Created in the image of the Omniscient Lord to know and worship Him - man's light is knowledge. At the dawn of a man's life he is innocent - gradually awakening to the power of consciousness and reason as he matures.

Animals lack self consciousness and are innocent; Though animals kill - they don't murder. For conscious men, want of knowledge is ignorance, and lack of spiritual freedom is sin. As St. Peter said: "For ignorance will be found to be the mother of almost all evils."

When asked why men sin, St. Peter said: "It is because they are ignorant... For this reason they, having lust... for the continuance of life, gratify it in any accidental way... Wherefore God is not evil, Who has rightly placed lust within man, that there may be a continuance of life, but they are most impious who have used the good of lust badly... For we ought to have something more than the animals, as reasonable men, and capable of heavenly senses..."

The poisonous venom of a snake bite isn't evil; it is a means of the snakes protection and survival. Medical science has created useful serums from venom, demonstrating that knowledge is the true "good", and ignorance the only "evil."

The Prince of Apostles said: "Evil, then, does not exist always, yea, it cannot exist at all substantially..."

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